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Wait a tick... "Pumbloom", "Soon?"? I didn't know Zone was a Game Grumps fan.

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Despite the poor animation quality, I've gotta say: Not too shabby! This was pretty damned funny. If I had to say one thing to work on, it would be the voice acting. Try moving the mic a bit further from you and then speak a bit more naturally. And never use the built-in mic, use a Rock-Band mic at least. Anyway, if you could animate it a bit better that would also be cool, but if not, I'd go for a bit more of a comic-book style. (Shift from panel to panel.) Basically, I'm just saying to try and clean it up a bit more.

You just game the awesome-series a bad name. You basically just pissed all over the goddamn Vatican of flash series'. And the worst part is that you didn't even troll well. If you're gonna troll, troll hard... You even gave the trolls a bad name..... I'm disappointed in you...

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It's pretty good, but I didn't care too much for the graphics. I'm a pixel-purist. If you're going to take art from the sprites, just create your own sprites. Aside from that, it was far too simple and easy. If the difficulty was ramped up, it would be much more enjoyable. Also, could you add more than just two attack options for the battle scene? I know I picked up a couple of health items and I'd have liked a healing option, for a basic example. Please bear in mind that I'm not railing on your work, just giving an honest opinion.

Exceptional work!

The best Minecraft skin editor I've ever seen! This should be on the custom skin page of minecraft.net! (usually I only review bad stuff/ stuff that could use improvement, but I don't think that's the case here... I can't really see much that you need to improve.) Keep up the good work, guys!

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You didn't make that song, so why are you listing it as your song? Also, come back when you make the entire flash, and not just the damned title screen. I honestly don't intend this to be mean, but it's just not worth putting up until it's complete.

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Listed at Classical, but I say "nay," tis the purest of relaxing Metal! It's a great song, hope you keep it up!

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DanJohansen responds:

Thanks I shall keep it up :) Glad you enjoyed it!!

A very nice mix!

Sorry I killed your perfect 10 ratings, but honestly, it wasn't worthy of a ten. It semed to repeat itself, and was a bit too long for the type of song it was. It was a great song, but when it doesn't change it just ends up lacikng something. And the ambient voices in the background didn't really fit Metal Gear.

I noticed you really only got useless reviews, so I hope this helps you in the future when you make a new song. (I tend to point out fixable flaws in a review. I'm crazy, right, who writes a helpful review?)

Not bad.

I really enjoyed this, although it seemed to be missing something. It could have used some lyrics, or at least some sort of vocal interaction, but for a purely instrumental piece it was very good. I look forward to hearing some more of your music!

And you thought you were bad.

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